Worlds smallest p****

I am a white 16 year old boy that wonders how's his d*** stacks up with others like most teenage boys but I only like to ask girls weather or not I'm big or small because they are the ones that matter right? So I get on omegle. Well anyways boom right off the bat I hit a girl and I show her my d*** and she replys "small" and disconnects I spend probably about the next 45 minutes trying to get girls to rate my d*** and when I did finally get one to rate it about 85% of the time they say small. So now I'm really worried that my d*** is small so I start asking how mine compares to the others that they have seen on a scale of 1 to 10 I usally end up between the 2-4 range when they reply small.. Okay I'm thinking to myself now I wonder how guys younger than me compare and boom the perfect opportunity about 6 girls ages 11-13 are the next chat they didn't want to rate it so I flashed them it, they instantly start laughing and disconnect so know I'm thinking I have the smallest d*** on earth... I'm 5 inches hard it's a skinny d***... Do I really have the smallest p****??

Oct 6, 2014

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  • I love d****

  • You showed your p**** to girls aged 11-13???? That is illegal regardless of how old you are. Your post has been reported.

  • Yeah, and I'm sure the feds are all over that. Your comment is 4.5 years old, do you think OP is behind bars right now? No, he is not.

  • According to Google, that's the average length for that age. Some ppl do end up lucky with a bigger size. Just remember, there's guys 30s & above who are really small and they get lucky with a girl. And a lot of girls these days always want bigger. If you do get a gf, you're fine as long as you last awhile, and you can always focus on licking/sucking her p**** really good as well as loving & appreciating her all the time.

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