Things my husband doesn't know

I have been cheating on him since we got married.
I meet guys on dating websites and have s** with them.
I have been f****** our neighbor for 3 years.
I don't wear panties so I can show my p**** to other men.
I drive the highway with my b**** out and show truckers then I pull over and and f*** them.
I have been with over 150 men.
I let other men nut in my p**** and then come home and have s** with him.
I have f***** several of his friends.
I post naked pic of myself online.
I allow other men to take pictures of me while we f***.
I play with my p**** on webcam.
I had a threesome in our house while he was out with friends.
I play sick so I can stay home and have s** with different men.
I have had s** with 15 guys in one day and then came home and f***** him.

I'll continue cheating because I love different d**** in my p****.

Oct 8, 2014

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  • I would really love to meet up with you and f*** you until I make your p**** lips swell up. Fill you up with a huge load. Put a nice plug is your p**** and have you make a video taking it out moments before with my c** dripping out and you rubbing it in and hoping on to your husband face. Asking him how wet and good it tastes. Then come over and tell me how hot it was letting him eat a real mans c** out of your p****.

  • Is your name Shannon?

  • Ok if your going to cheat then cheat. If you arent sexually satisfied with you husband thats fine. If you want to have s** with different men all the time thats fine. But why stayed married if you continue to do this? Whats the point? Do you still love him yet you want to be pleased by other men and only want your husbands love? WHy?

  • Nh slutty mom..did this thru 2 still at it with BF around//of course im a nympho!!

  • I have a girl friend who cheated for a year on me before I found out. Once I found out it turned me on and she has been doing it for over five years now with me knowing it. Some times she brings them home which I am okay with. I let them have the bedroom to them selves, sometimes it is an all-nighter other times I get her after they leave. I like how wet she is when I enter her and encourage her to keep doing it even thought she needs no encouragement.

  • My wife has been cheating since before we got married. Sometimes with my knowledge and sometimes without. It doesn't bother me. I have walked in from work and have caught her f****** men countless times. She enjoys s** and I let her do it.

  • I cheat on my hubby all the time too. Have been cheating since right after the honeymoon. I just love it and will continue to cheat, even if I get caught.

  • S*** who needs to just get an STD

  • I'd love a shot at adding another slutty wife to my list. Post up if interested in finding more.

  • I'm interested

  • Where do you live so i can get in on this?

  • South carolina

  • I live in south carolina. Do you still check this?

  • Dam...too far...but i would love to hear more of your adventures

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