Girlfriend lost her virginity as a groupie

I've known from the start that my girlfriend had her first sexual encounter with a semi famous celebrity, and that he really took advantage of her. But up until recently I didn't know the details, and it is a bit too much

Basically she was a member of a fan site. From there she won a competition to have a date with him, along with another girl. Well, they are driven around in a big limo, and have a date at a restaurant. They are ecstatic, having their idol in front of them, and he is attentive and asks them personal questions. Another tour of the city follows, before they are taken to his hotel room where they are given drinks.

They are quite tipsy when the guy suggests they have some fun together. He asks them if they have boyfriends, which they don't. He asks them if they've ever had s** before, which they haven't. Since he's given them such a nice date with drinks, he wants to have s** with them in return. They agree as long as he's gentle. They are given some time to freshen up and pee, before he is to have his way.

The guy unbuckles and unzip their pants. But instead of s** in the missionary position, they are told to stand side by side by the table. When there, their pants and panties are pulled down to their knees. They both realize the nature of the intimacy and get second thoughts, as this isn't exactly a disney scene. He assures them that he'll be gentle and that it will be alright. After some coaxing they let him push their shoulders forward.

Having two very embarrassed girls bent over the table for him, he pushes their naked behinds together and takes pictures. At this point my girlfriend protests, but he tells her that noone would recognize them anyway. Nevermind that the same camera was used to take pictures in the limo. Before my gf can say anymore, he gets on his knees and puts his face into their most intimate.

After having tasted both girls, he pulls his mr. winky out and aims it for my gf. However, there are problems. First, she is a virgin. Two, she is really nervous and clenched. There's alot of struggling and a big "ouch!" from her and a long "Ah," from him when he's inside, using no condom. After some strokes, he proceeds to penetrate the other girl. She's so tight he can't fit it in. He probes and pushes and tells her to relax, but she is too nervous. He gets inside my gf and moves in and out a couple of times, before trying the other girl again. This time he pushes hard. The other girl cries. He get's off a few strokes and pulls out.

Of course there is blood. You just don't forcefully push yourself into two virgin girls and expect it to be no blood. After some panick and confusion, he gets a few warm wash cloths from the bathroom, cleans them up, only to have them bleed some more. At length he has it under control.

Having made ladies out of his fans, he does them both from behind. He is having the time of his life, while my gf tries to get comfortable with having someone inside her. It proves too much, and when inside my gf he shoots.

When they try to pull their pants up and end the ordeal, he tells them that they should stay exactly where they are, and that he just needs to get ready again. The other girl whispered to my gf "I kind of regret this." He wants to take another pic, and gf yells no. After a while he is ready. The s** they go through is more thorough. After doing them from behind for well an hour he pops inside the other girl.

Papertowels are placed in their panties, and the two girls get to go to the bathroom. After celebrating with another drink, and thanking them for their butts, he makes them promise not to tell anyone. He also makes sure they'll be getting the morrow-after pill. After a while, he discovers that he has an important appointment. Before parting, they get each their hug. That's how my gf lost her virginity as a groupie.

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