Worlds smallest p**** follow up

So I recently made a confession titled the worlds smallest p**** and I seriously belive that I do in fact have the worlds smallest p****... I was able to have about 4 more girls rate my d*** on video chat on omegle one was 17 one was 14 and the last 2 where together aged 12 and 13 they all knew my age and all 4 girls had seen atleast 1 erect d*** in there life so my question to them was... Is mine big or small and every single one replied "small" then I asked where mine ranks on a scale of 1 to 10 based off of what they have seen and I got between the 2-5 range. I have a well shaved d*** it is 5 inches hard and skinny. So my question is again do I really have the worlds smallest p****?



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  • Look it up 5 inches is average. The worlds smallest is 1cm.

  • Maybe but dose that really matter. There's other ways of pleasing a girl and yet again it's not how big the hammer is but how well you hit the nail. Hope this helps

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