My best friend and p***

Within the last couple years I've discovered that I think men can be just as beautiful if not even hotter than chicks - and no lie, this came out of nowhere - the way a man's body looks, not into fat guys, but a dude being really amazing looking to me doesn't mean he has to be all jacked or chiseled, it isn't like that - I've had ALOT of MMF experiences, and all that said, my best friend, absolutely the best friend I've ever had, and it's mutual on both sides, is the most attractive dude I've ever met or seen in my whole life - I know part of is it our bond, but it's more than that, he's completely a perfect example of masculinity and male beauty all around that I've ever laid eyes on - I don't know if that's true when all people see him (he's straight as h***, so it'd be when women see him in his case), I kind of doubt it, everyone has their "type", but DAMN, the thought of getting him off takes over my p*** watching these days, I look for guys with bodies like his that are slamming chicks, and when it hits a point where the dude's face isn't in the shot & the dude is shredding the chick doggy style or can only see him from the back, even though I'm a marathon stroker and like marathon style s**, the longer it goes the better, when I see that, and think of him & how good it feels to him & how hot he's making the chick, I have to back off or I blow my load, it's a combination of loving him like a brother and at the same time having my own personal p*** star for a best buddy, holy s*** it's a powerful combo.

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