I want to be raped

Im 16 years old and
I want to be raped
I'm a Virgin it's not about the s**
I just want to feel unimaginable pain
I want to be punched, kicked, slapped, choked
But not in a pleasurable way I want it to hurt
And I want to cry, I want to beg them to stop
I don't what it is I just want it to happen
I mean I was molested when I was younger
But does that have anything to do with it?

Oct 16, 2014

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  • Omg omg omg

  • Younger events earent a factor sweetheart .., and ur virginity doesnt matter for s*** because its not about what you do. its really Who You Are and the desires and images in Your mind that define Your TRUE Self. i bet you werent "molested" but You were able manipulate someone to do what YOU wanted. You babygirl, just happen to be a w**** and know it. it started before your "abuse". i hope your pretty im guessing so but im sure you know the less attractive you are the more u ned to compensate in promiscuity . You sweety, learned early what ur value is..and that when men are nice its a act. and want the real side of men istead of the acts we put on to attract less aware clueless females. but Your Smart You know better. and leared how to manipulate mens weaknesses. im 31 yo 6foot 6 250lb lost my virginity at 14 and never had s** with a girl over 19 probably averaged 8 to 10 girls a year post puberty only when nature says their ready their ready/ btw highschool teacher and coach 4 of my colleagues on campus share my interests..i know what you want not sure you have limits so u wana break them ..alwaysfun... remember it who you are

  • Where do you live? If you are the age of consent, I can fulfill this fantasy for you. It will hurt and it will feel very good. Lots of girls have rape fantasies it's not weird.

  • B1 Mazy lane ny

  • California la

  • Please rap me I want really bad 😍^

  • Are you of legal age?....How old are you?.....I can't talk to you if you are of...illegal age.....I can only talk to you if you are of LEGAL AGE....so first tell me...how old you are...email at: meetup8@aol.com

  • I can relate to this a little. Not so much in the rape sense since I am a guy but the pain thing. When I was at school we used to get the cane. It was painful and I used to think to my self you stupid ass why did you do whatever it was that I had been caught doing. Then I would get the cane and it would really hurt but then after there was this strange feeling of relief.

    I guess I developed a fetish or a yearning for pain.

    I tried to get my wife to spank, cane, whip me but she does not like the idea and it is not hard enough. I understand your desire for it to really hurt. To not be in control. To cry out. There is a freedom in a weird way.

    So sometimes. Just occasionally I will visit a "dominatrix" and they will tie me to a bed and cane or whip me. I go through stages of fanaticising about it. Then when I am tied down and struggling with the pain I think I am a stupid messed up idiot. It is a huge relief to cry & scream out. I contract with them to not stop no matter how much I beg or cry out. It is unbelievably painful and sometimes I have no idea how many lashes I will receive. I beg and cry and plead and the pain keeps coming.

    Then when it is over there is this clarity. A feeling of alertness. Like standing on the top of a mountain or the bow of a sailing boat with a cool fresh breeze on your face on a warm sunny day. A feeling of achievement. At the same time its a love hate thing. I sometimes feel stupid and vow to myself never to do it again but time passes and I start thinking about it and eventually I pick up the phone and make a booking.

    Weird hey.
    (I am not in anyway condoning non consensual activity of any sort. Just to be clear on that! )

  • very sick f***.

  • IF you were truly molested you really need help dealing with it. Have you talked to a professional about it? Being raped is actually a pretty common fantasy of both women and believe it or not, men. Just remember fantasy is completely separate from reality. You don't want to be raped for real, trust me.

  • Idk about being raped cuz that's far out there, but I know being molested can cause someone to be really sexual through the years. Some become hookers or s**** and others can become abusive to their kids/family cuz of a traumatic childhood. I'd advise getting help tho.

  • ILLEGAL you're underage!

  • Rape is illegal at any age you f****** idiot

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