I'm such a s***

I told my husband that I was going to hang with my friend but I really went to meet my neighbor that I've been f****** for 4 years. Well I got naked from the bottom down b4 he arrived in our spot in the woods. When he got there I jumped out the car ready to give him my ready p****. He opened the back of his surburban for me to get in and to my surprise he had 3 friends with their d**** out waiting. I sucked and f***** each of them. The d*** was so good until I came several times. I got all my wholes filled. I let 2 of them double penetrate my ass and p****. In the end I went home with c** dripping from my ass and p****. When I got home my husband asked if I sat in some water because my leggings were wet in the ass. I lied and told him that I had to pee myself because I could not get the door unlock fast enough. My p**** and body was so exhausted from all four guys but my husband insisted on f****** me. He said he enjoyed how wet my p**** was. If only he knew it was c**. I love cheating and giving my p**** to every man I meet.

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  • My wife is exactly the same way. At first she did it behind my back, got drunk a lot and f*kd a lot of men in the bar. She would also fk every man at her work and would tell me she was r*ped. After a while I started enjoying it and started sharing her and encouraging her to fk every man she meets. When I am away on a business trip she invites men over to fk her while I listen on my cell phone.

  • I love being a s***! I love f****** any man I can and then going home to my husband and riding his c*** right after!

  • I love having s** with s****. You sexy darlings are so little work. Just great s**.

  • I had a girl friend of five years that was the same way. I knew she slept around and had many men lovers but I liked the fact that she was sleeping around. I liked it when she would come home after s** with some one and I would get to have the so called "sloppy seconds" as to speak. I just did not like how offen she did it, almost daily.

  • Where are you tonight Honey? I'm hard and ready for you!

  • To every man you meet?

  • The very first time I had s** was in the woods

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