Bellybutton o******

Does any female out there feel like they are going to get an o***** if their bellybutton /navel is played with or fingered in the right way.I have found that if my bf puts hes finger inside my navel and puts a bit of pressure and moves his finger in a circular motion i feel really good 'down there' and if he continues i feel like i am going to c%m.Any other females find any connection between their bellybutton and v*****?Please talk about your experience

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  • I did a little, fun sneak attack on my older sister's navel this past weekend. We were bbq'ing at her house, as always do, and I followed her to the shed to get chairs. When she reached up to move a cord out of the way, exposing her tanned, deep, oval innie, I went at it like crazy, swirling, poking, pressing, and grabbing at it, and her, making her laugh hysterically as I had her against the wood door. When I was done, and, she tried gathering herself (I stole a taste just before leaving the shed with her), all she told me was "Good job..Really got me on that one!".

  • Been doing this with/to my hot older sister for years. Navel play, poke, swirl, body shots, fingers deep in and grab. Sometimes use baby or cooking oil and really get good movement going. Started when I'd watch her lay out and tan, and couldn't hold back on touching her deep, oval innie. Did it a few times, and she admitted enjoying it. We've had "sessions" of sorts, where I'll plan things out and not tell her what I'm going to do. One of her favorites is when i use her very long, always-polished nails and jab them into her navel, munching on all as they're poked inside. Should hear her sigh and shriek.

  • It would be nice if you f****** replied b****

  • Please don't use bad language .Yes i am female

  • Wow thank you I tried this, while my husband f***** me. I had a huge o*****, I don't normally c** with just penetration. Thank thank thank you

  • You are welcome .Try this.Finger your bellybutton as if you are playing with it.Apply a bit of pressure but not too much.Do this patiently for a while and see if you have any pleasurable feeling 'down there'

  • Do you m********* using your bellybutton?

  • Are you a female ?Yes i do .

  • When another woman is fingering me or licking my p****, my finger is deep in my navel, putting pressure on my connector that makes me c** harder and squirt my cream

  • If I'm on my own, I insert a d**** I don't turn it on, just have it deep inside me. As I finger my navel, my p**** contracts and its like my finger is touching the d****, it drives me wild to a lovely o***** and then I suck my cream of the d****

  • Yes Jane I'm a lesbian

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