Loose V*****

Wife has never been tight. She's tall, so that's probably why. I took her virginity and thought she was lying about having never had s**. Years later after having a baby her hole is really loose. I can fist her easily and it's the only way she can c**. We separated for a year and she slept with a man at her work. She told me later the guy mentioned how sloppy her p**** was. We got back together and I cant feel a thing. I'm above average in size too! Anyone else have a woman with a cave for v*****?

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  • Looser the better. If it's too loose for you change position, or better yet, j******* inside her.

  • The thing is, that's not actually how vaginas work... it's kind of a myth. Having a baby, yes, that can cause permanent change, but vaginal tissue is elastic by nature and something as simple as a d*** - what was meant to fit in there anyway - can't stretch it out. Sorry that you don't have much chemistry sexually, but other than the baby anyway, I think that's just how she naturally is. I don't think being tall has much to do with it, though.

  • Buy the biggest d**** they make and just bang her cave with that. That's what I did. My wife has been huge in the c***** since high school. Some girls are just big down there. Good news is you can stroke forever and hit it hard without hurting them. Fisting is fun too! Work with you got and be happy to have a m*** to play with.

  • Don't make the mistake I made. My ex was super loose and I thought I hated it because the culture (and p***) focuses so much on tightness. So I broke up with her and got a much younger and tighter girl to move in with me, while my ex got engaged and then married another guy. It didn't take long for me to realize the loose p**** was waaaaaaay better, so now I sneak back to f*** my ex but she knows why and she knows I need it and so she has the upper hand now, which I hate, but g****** how I love that hot loose p****!

  • It's normal for tall girls to have a big kooch. I married a 6'2" volleyball player. Even with zero fat and all muscle she was loose. She even jokes about it. Sad to say Ive never had a tight one. Ive fallen in since day 1. You get used to it.

  • Well I personally love big c**ts. I had a girl that was big enough to fist and I liked it. I told her I didn't care how big her p***y got as I had her tight ass. She was fine with that and I fisted and stretched her all the time and she LOVED the feeling of getting stretched. I loved how sloppy it was. However she did enjoy a*** also.

  • Ex was same way. Only good part was I could last forever. See if she will try a***

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