Male to female oral s**

I was a young man with a few sexual experiences under my belt but in many ways I was very naive. I had had intercourse but beyond hugs and kisses I wasn't that great at foreplay.

I was in Chattanooga TN alone just to see the place when I got h****. There used to be a whorehouse in the city and I knew where it was. This was many years ago before aids and herpes had hit.

The girls gathered round and I picked up a thin woman with very red hair. She had a deep Irish brogue. Her skin had some freckles but was overall porcelain colored.

Beautiful in other words. We went into a room and started making out She suggested oral s** starting with me going down on her. I had never done that before but I decided to give it a try.

My tongue swept over her fiery red v***** and she let out a whoop. I kept doing it and when she calmed down a bit I worked on her c*******. She came hard and loud. She had yelled, screamed and arched so hard I almost got a fat lip. I also did oral a***.

Then we had s**. Man I never had better. The lady knew just what to do.

I believe the best parts were when I earned she was nearly 30 (even though she could pass for 18 easily) and I was just 22.

The lady was studying geology and going for her Masters degree at a University in town and sometimes I wonder what this lady is doing. I heard that she had returned to Dublin and even though its been decades I still think about her.

Oct 26, 2014

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