I want revenge ideas on some f******.

Yesterday I was at a club for a while then I wanted to go home. I was going to the exit and the guys who worked there, were there, right next to the entrance. I was drunk. Idk why but I asked one of them if he knew where to get some pot (dont f****** judge me) and he said to get out, another one even accused me I didn't even pay to get inside. I told that b**** that the hanging-clothes guy just gave me my jacket back, to which he didn't even reply, and he literally grabbed me and took me outside. I called a taxi but it was slow as f*** for it to arrive, so I got back inside, the same b**** ran to me and grabbed me and made me go outside in the cold. Again. Then my taxi came so I flipped them all off then ran in my cab because the b**** who grabbed me twice came out and said "go suck a d***". I didnt even do anything to these f****** a*******. What should I do? Should I deliver my own s*** to them? Spray "c** lickers" on their door? Pls, help me with this one. Because I'm a nice girl and those guys accused me of not paying, and they grabbed me and took me outside. I'm 90 pounds, didn't do anything to them, and they could've hurt me, it was so cold outside and I was nice to them. Why would someone be so mean to someone physically inferiour. They had no reason to treat me like that, so I'm gonna do something about those f****** but I need advice.

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  • It may be best to just take some deep breaths and let it go. Unfortunately, you're going to run into a lot of a******* in your life. And find that lots of things are not always fair or people do the right things. And then you'll be pleasantly surprised that there are people who do. Your best defense is to own your part and conduct yourself in a way that you are always happy with who you are and how you handle situations. Because at the end of the day, you have to live with you. But vandalizing property, you risk getting caught (there's always some camera around) and a judge won't care what two guys in a club did or didn't do. You want to direct it at these two guys. Chances are if you do something like that, management won't get "it". Do you really ever want to go back to the club? If anything, write a letter to management explaining the incident. You never know they are running a business and customer service is important. They are in the business to make money. Bad reviews on social media can sometimes destroy businesses reputation. They may offer you a free admission to make up for the situation. In the letter, own your part. Couldn't hurt.

  • File a sexual harassment report against the guy who grabbed and yelled at you. It's technically sexual harassment and he would most likely lose his job. There ya go.

  • OP here, it wasn't sexual harrassment, there wasn't anything sexual about it. They just told me to get out, then grabbed me by the arm.

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