Had s** with a scripture teacher

When I was in school, we had a mandatory scripture day one day. The teacher was a stunning fair haired woman in her 20s, with a fantastic rack and nice ass. I stared at her all day long, and at one point jacked off in the bathroom. I went back to class and was hard almost instantly again. At the end, she marked us off the role as we left in reverse alphabetical order, and I was last (being near the start of the role). She asked me if I believed in h*** and sin, to which I replied no. She gave me a seductive look and asked why. I said what could be wrong with two people having s**, or even doing oral or a***? (I was a virgin at this point, not very subtle). She then pushed me over to a table, and I thought I was in trouble. She said that was how she liked it, and pulled my pants down. She gave me the first b****** of my life there, and I came all over her face. After she wiped it off and swallowed it, she gave me a t********, and I came on her face again. Then she bent over, and I came inside her after she screamed, "come inside, please f*** me harder!" Then she came and squirted her juices all over my waist and d***. She then suggested we do something naughty, and I slowly pushed my d*** into her ass. I was lubed up from her p****, and slid in no problem. She rocked back and forth on my d***, she was so tight. She came 2 times then, and then passed out for about 10 seconds. She looked me in the eye and said f*** me hard, so I did it as hard as I could and came in her tight a******. She cried out when I did, and she said I was the best s** she ever had, and now I've left school and still c** in her on a regular basis. She says, "ooooh, f*** me right there, in your teachers c***, right there, f***!" It makes me c** every time when she starts clenching my c*** with her p****, and she loves the feel of my c** in her p****. She's started buying lingerie and wearing it when I go over, the first time I instantly pushed her against a wall and f***** her from behind for ten minutes, she came 4 times and I filled her with my sperm.

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  • Thats complete and utter bull!

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