F***** up society

I've stopped giving a s*** what society thinks about me, and what I need to do to be "feminine." F*** your social norms! Everything from beauty products to waxing are products from greedy companies. They do not care about your self-esteem and body image. They DO NOT give a s***. Its all for the money. No women should feel that she isn't beautiful if she doesn't do these things. Who cares what other people think of you? When you die, its just you and yourself, my friend.
I am a young adult woman, and I do not shave, nor do I wear makeup. No, I'm not your stereotypical overweight feminist. I'm in good shape, I like to take care of myself, including my mental and spiritual health. Waxing and obsessively removing something that is so natural from my body because someone tells me I need to, is bullshit. I'm sick of society. And if someone is going to tell me that I need to shave, then you are narrow-minded my friend. I know so many women that hate shaving and removing hair, but do it anyways because society tells them to. You don't start shaving in middle school or highschool because you want to for yourself, you're doing it because everybody else is and you want to fit in.
For people saying they wear make-up just for themselves, or they shave because they choose to, its healthy. Really dig deep into why you are doing so.
If you can go all day without make-up and complaining about how you look or feeling insecure and ugly, then you're golden my friend. If you can go walking around having not shaved, and not feel ugly or unfeminine and all that s***, then you are also golden my friend.
Do not care about what people think about you! If we are always plucking our hair and painting our faces, we are never going to be satisfied with ourselves, and never at peace with ourselves. There will always be something you need to do to "perfect" yourself. In the end, you'll still have body image problems and low self-esteem or feel like you aren't beautiful enough. Is obsessing about these things worth it? Why can't we love ourselves the way we are without worrying about beauty standards?
Just some food for thought. And a confession. I don't shave, and I still look beautiful.

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  • Good for you! What you say is absolutely true. My wife doesn't shave and has never worn make-up. Probably doesn't even know how to use it. And she is beautiful.

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