Don't give a f***

I don't give a f*** about my type one diabetus I stoped careing within 3 months of getting the news the thing is I don't want to spend a lifetime pokeing myself for blood every time it eat I want the enjoy the life I have left not worrying what I eat ( I'm still a teen so I'm still alive and well when my blood sugars are 600+) I live for the temporary happyness I get while I play my games because this world we live in sucks s*** this dissese will kill me. Slowly and painfully my eyesight is alredy going and when I can no longer gain the ever so breif happy ness I get from playing my games due to partial blindness I will kill myself with a massive insulin overdose if a person loses the only thing he enjoys what propose is there to live other than the happiness of others when will he stop careing and die of depression forced to live against his will a good amount of insulin say 60+ units will make you pass out within minutes they find you passed out it's alredy too late it's so clean so easy and so painless the rest of my life will continue like it is now but I have told you my plan I have accepted my death becsuse after death there is no pain or sadness blindness or eveil hope joy or glee because there is nothing after death ( by the way I'm athiest if you couldn't tell)

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  • My son was 11 when he was diagnosed. I honestly thought your post might be his. He is now 30. Shortly after he was diagnosed, he became just not that interested in anything.
    I love that kid. I miss the humor, the deep conversations, the drive and passion for life.
    I wish I had some great thing to say to you. I know you have heard all the "you can have a normal life" sh**. But you will never be "normal" whatever normal is.
    We all have some stupid burden in our life. H***, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 3 years ago. Went thru all the treatment. Cancer is gone, but so is a lot of my physical ability. I'm just learning to say, I cant do that anymore, or I have to rest for a while and take my meds every f'ing day.

    My son and I had a very wonderful and close relationship, now he hardly ever talks to me. I think that having him drop out of my life is a big part of my depression, much more than the results of the cancer treatment.

    There is so much future for you. Yes, you will have to check levels and take shots and watch what you eat, when you eat, what you do, what the weather is like, if you have a cold, if you want to party with your friends.... but, dammit! Life can be amazing! No matter what! Tho all of the changes that you have had to make are daily and a real pain in the butt, diabetes does not have to consume you or your life. As humans we all have daily things we do, like take a shower, brush teeth, check email/phone, let the dog out, grocery shopping, ect. I don't know what your normal daily routine is, but, now you have a couple more things to add. Welcome to sux. But it is also awesome.

    Idk, I am just rambling, your post got my attention. All I can really say is the choice is up to you... you can be controlled or you can be the controller. Take Control, please

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