Asian guy p**** size

I know a scandinavian girl who was an exchange student in japan. She was very excotic over there, because she was tall and blonde. Nearing the end of her stay, the father of the household asks very politely if he can sleep with her. He was in a sexless marriage, and she was carefree at the time, so after some consideration she said yes. She was a teenager and a virgin, and he was middle aged, short and a bit plump. Obviously it was a dream come through for him, taking the innocence of such an excotic girl. They had the house for themselves. She was shy, so she hid herself under the blanket of her bed and only removed her underwear. He got on top of her and talked to her for a while. When he put it in, she felt a sharp pain at first, then she just felt numb as he startet moving FAST in and out. At the end, his face got red, he raised himself on his arms and moaned loudly. When he had rested a while over her, she went to the bathroom to check herself with a mirror, and her hymen was still there! There was just this hole in the middle where he had entered, else it was still intact. They try again in the same way, he moves fast and takes forever to finish. She checks again in the mirror, and there is almost no change. She's had intercourse twice, with the p**** going inside her, and she's still almost a virgin. He finds out what she's doing in the bathroom, and does not like the hint that he's too small for her nordic body. So he wants to do it in a very primitive position where he can do it hard. She bends over a table, and has to lower her body so he can enter her. This time when he moves furiously he only manages to pump air inside her, so her v***** makes alot of embarrasing sounds. She's totally humilated and hides her face in her hands because of this, while he just continues. When the rest of the family comes home, they think they've been making fish food ... The next day he gives her the pill in secret. The remainder of the time she is there, he sleeps with her a couple of times, the few times they have the house for themselves. The family has one son, and he would be devestated if he knew the father was sleeping with the foreign "angel." He manages to wear her hymen down and remove it almost completely, since he has so many tries, but there's minimal pleasure for her. I wonder if this is true for most asian guys, that they have smallish p**** that is not suitable for other races? I wonder because I'm this girls boyfriend now.

Nov 2, 2014

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  • Japanese women have normal sized vaginas. Why should the men be so undersized?

  • No. It's a complete load of crap. P**** sizes vary for all ethnicities.

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