Three a******* at a bar

Three young punks were harrassing a bartender and describing q**** s** between him and another employee. I was a bit high and I told the cashier to hurry up and give the a****** his change and maybe hed leave. I also said that since the three of them were so familiar with that activity it looked to melike they went that way themselves.

They called me an old b****** (they know me pretty good) and asked me to step outside. In the meantime the bartender was calling the police and I was trying to keep these losers at the bar until the cops got there.

One of them was mad enough to punch me out them and there when one of them stopped and realised what I was doing. They left and cranked up their car. The cops were there and ticked them and arrested the driver for DWI. The other two spent the night in jail for creating a turmoil.

I was laughing heartily as they were handcuffed and put in the paddy wagon. I stuck around for a cab because the cops saw me laughing and they were a bit p***** off at me. I made it home and I laughed my ass off everytime I thought of this night.

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  • Had similar about a year ago. Went to my usual sports bar where, for the most part, the regulars protect the bartenders like family. Every so often, though, a visitor or bar guest will go too far and, although they're experienced, p*** off or creep out one of the girls.

    Drunk guy, way over his limit, kept commenting and harassing one of the, if not the, favorite bartender girl there, Katie. She did her best, offered him water, free pizza, call a cab..But he persisted talking about her t***, her ass, bend over so I can show you what I got...All this crap. Finally, two regulars and myself approached him.

    We were nice, but direct, at first. Dude, shut up, get out of here, and leave the girls alone. That became a shouting match and challenge, and he continued commenting on Katie and the hostess girl (who was about 19..could have been his daughter). He pushed a regular, Mike, who reared up to hammer him, but, employee from the kitchen (never says a word to anyone..just a tall, big guy who cleans up and keeps his mouth shut), came out, hooked the guy by the arm, without a sound or word, lifted him up, and led/kind of dragged him outside.

    When the cops did show up, the guy was gone, but apparently, the incident wasn't his first, as they knew exactly who we were talking about. We, or the girls, haven't seen him since. He probably knows he'll get tossed, hard, if causes trouble like that again.

  • Awesome. You should get that punk for assault too and sue him for pain and suffering.

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