Two stupid b****** at work

Before I retired I used to work in a mailroom warehouse situation. My female manger was such a c*** that her assistants would resign usually after being with her no more than one year. She had an equally stupid or perhaps even more idiotic friend she would smoke cigarettes with.

One day her idiot friend came into the mailroom and told me she had something important she wanted to send out. Like the lame brained unintelligent c*** that she was she looked over my back while I was working. I can't stand for someone to do that.

This imbecile got it into her head that I wasn't doing it right so she got my manager to do it for her. Well while these two lamebrains were there the stupid friend thought my manager was doing it wrong too. Bear in mind this loser had no idea what she was talking and neither did my manager.

My manager kept doing the same thing over and over again while the two of them seemed to go crazy. She said "goddamnit".

In the meantime the UPS delivery man was there waiting for these two imcompetant cretins to give him the package that was oh so important. My no brains manager finally gave it to him.

Had the first lamebrain b**** let me do it there would have been no problem.

I've had jobs with several companys but working with and around these two feeble minded c**** was the worst job I ever had.

Nov 7, 2014

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  • Take pleasure in knowing their smoking will kill them slowly with a lot of pain. Karma's a b****.

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