Surprised me

I had a sports injury and had to go to a massage therapist for my low back.
The first time I went it was okay but the clothes I wore didn't let him access my injury well.
The next time I went I wore jogging pants and when I was face down on the table and he pulled my pants down to access that area it made my heart race.
As he kneaded my back and butt I admit I was a little squirmy and embarrassed of my movements.
The next time I went he asked if I'd be comfortable in a (hospital) gown. I said okay and nervously undressed and put it on.
When I got face down he adjusted the electric table so I was bent slightly at the waste.
He straddled my legs so he could access that area.
As he applied the warm oil I could feel it running between my cheeks.
I'll admit I was aroused by this feeling.
He had me completely exposed back there. I felt vulnerable, and I liked it.
He rubbed my back and ass and to my embarrassment I'm sure I squirmed and some involuntary moans may have come out.
Afterward he wiped up the oil running one hand close to my crack. He left the paper towels for me to clean up with. I went home and masterbated.
I'm scared to go back, not of him, but of what I might allow to happen.
should I go back?
how far should I let it go?

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  • Well there are many things you should evaluate, do you want something to happen? Are you willing to take his manhood? Will he take the risk as a professional?
    These are the things you need to get sorted in your head first, otherwise just go back and let him view your p**** again. Can I ask do you remove your hair down there?
    Talk soon.


  • When I am in there, I do want something to happen. I think in the heat of the moment I would let him do what ever he chose to. And I do keep myself clean and shaved all over. I think the smoothness maybe what felt so good with the hot oil. But the feeling of him straddling my legs and me being bent At the waist the way I was is a real turn on.
    I never consider this type situation but I like the feeling Of vulnerability I get with the open back gown.
    I feel so exposed.

  • I am afraid you think im female, I am not.

  • Its completely normal. Our bodies are sensitive to touch so you may find your body reacting. The same thing happened tome when I was having my massage. Face we are all vulnerable when we go for massage. That's why LMTs take a course in ( I cant remember the word) Your feelings are normal. The same thing has happened to me but nothing has ever happened.

  • Since this happened I have gone to a local s** shop and bought a vibrator and a dido to use on myself.
    I use the vibrator on myself back of there while using the d**** in my mouth. It really has me wondering how it would feel in real life.

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