Alcoholism has left me friendless and impotent. I'm 26...

Nov 15, 2014

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  • Poor baby. Thought you were all cool and $hit before you hit rock bottom, didn't you? I know your kind, alcoholics are usually control freaks, and they're always self centered. Crawl out of the bottle or die trying. Or don't try and just die.

  • Http:// You have your entire life ahead of you. Deal with the demons you're fighting and start living. It's not going to be easy. Alcoholism is one of the hardest addictions to fight. But you can do it. And once you do, you can meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. And then all of your other problems will go away as well. Stop putting it off and do something today. There is the website or go to your health plan and detox.

  • You just gonna willow in self pity or do something. Deal with your alcoholism.

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