My sexy roomate

I share a house with 2 girls for uni. They are both my sister's friends so i begged her to let me stay at their house. This was the best choice of my life. They are both 19, i am 18. They are both hot as h***. Ones a auburn haired girl, the other is a dirty blonde. Whenever they are out, i have the best time of my life. First thing i do is rummage through their laundry baskets and fish out dirty thongs that have been cramped up beside their delicious p******, and ass holes. Then i would sniff and j*** off, c****** on their toothbrushes. I c** enough to coat the entire thing from top to bottom. Then i would go through their "hidden box" under their beds, full of s** toys. Handcuffs, d*****, vibrators, buttplugs, a*** beads, whips, and this extra big d**** that the blonde girl has where u put in fake c** and when ready it will erupt inside the v***** as if you were creampied. I love just putting on the b*******, sucking clean the d*****, then use the vibrators to c**. I would first c** inside the bag of fake c**, so when she uses it my c** would enter her. Then i would lay out all their toys on the bed and c** ropes all over it. I would then let it dry and return them with the c** on it.

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