I told the school librarian to kiss my ass

She died several years ago and while I'm not happy that shes dead I was not ahpppy with the way she ran my high school library when she worked there.

She heard some punk yell something out and for some reason she thought it was me. She yelled at me GET OUT OF MY LIBRARY. I was dumbfounded as I personally had done nothing to deserve that. The guy she heard was some punk who didint own up that it was him. I was scared to tell because I didn't want to meet him and his loser friends after school. So I left.

Years passed and this often bothered me because I got kicked out of the library for something I didn't do.

Ok I graduated high school but it still bothered me. One day during the summer break from college I decided to call her up and tell her to kiss my ass.

I was home with a friend of mine and we dialed her home phone number and when she answered I asked. Is this Mozelle Smith the school librarian? She answered "Yes it s". I said "well you can kiss my ass".

She got mad and she said "Who is this" "I'll hve you face to face". I didn't wnat her to now who I was so I just told her to kiss my ass again and hung up on her.

Another year passed and I decided to cll her again. I dialed her number and gain I asked her If this was Mozelle Smith the school librarian.

She was a bit wary and this time she said "Maybe it is and maybe it isn't" I told her " Well if it is you can kiss my ass".

I hung up to her screams of anger.

Mozelle Smith is deceased now and sometimes I regret doing this to her but at other times I feel she brought it on herself.


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  • Wow, you remained a c**** little girl all through adulthood, huh? (This applies even if you're a dude) Yes, she was wrong that first time. Life is unfair and people get called out for dumb things other people do all the time- GET OVER IT!!

    But for you to take that one thing and torment this poor person for years is something diseased-minded teenage girls do, which is why you are a c**** little girl regardless of your age or gender.

    I'll say it again. Life is unfair and people get called out for dumb things other people do all the time- GET THE F*** OVER IT!!

    What a loser.

  • You should've said: "SUCK IT DUMB A** LADY!!!!!"

  • What you should've done was say: "SUCK IT DUMB A** LADY!!!!!"??

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