Guilty selfish l***

I am a single man in my late fourties. I have not had s** for a few years. There is a woman at work who is divorcing her husband. They have sold their house.

She is going through a very tough time emotionally and has tears in her eyes constantly. I Have known her for many years and never thought of her sexually simply because she was not on the market and I had a girlfriend for much of the time I have known her.

For many reasons I do not see a permanent relationship happening between us. But I have been fantsizing about her a lot. I don't want to ruin our friendship, mislead her or cause her pain. She is a wonderul person, good worker, and mother.

She often asks for a hug and has tears in her eyes. I apologized " I am sorry I bumped into you" she replied, almost sadly as she looked down, " That's okay you can bump into me".

Perhaps I imagine too much. I want to make love to her so hard even though she is an emotional mess. I want hump, kiss and lick her while tears stroll down her sweet face. Then I want to hold her all night long. I am trying to justify my l*** even though a relationship is not what I want, and in her despair she may want a place to land. Apprently her husband is devastated. She is so beautiful. Nothing will,likely happen, maybe it is just my fantasy, but I wonder if I pushed for it.

Nov 23, 2014

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  • Go for it, what are you waiting for? Even if it is a one night stand it is better than a no night stand. Trust me once you are in her she will will want more s**, just because it is s**, she won't want a relationship, the release of having s** will do wonders for her and you. Take her to dinner and make her the main course.

  • Never knowing is worse than rejection.

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