Blackmail into having s**! WTF

I am going to keep this short as possible.
I recently got out of a serious relationship (ended about 4 months ago, first serious relationship) and I decided to get with this guy (to help with getting over my previous relationship), let's call him agent orange, that I have known for a while. It was a simple no strings attached relationship, but he eventually caught feelings. -.- He wanted to be my boyfriend to which I denied! Meanwhile, my coworker confessed to me about how he was feeling about me (about 2-3 months into my strings no attached relationship). So I called a quits on agent orange because it was simply the right thing to do. But agent orange and I hung out still. And we would have s**. I know it's a horrible thing to do. But I continued to talk to my coworker while having s** with agent orange on the side, and agent orange knew about the situation so we kept it on the down low. But now I just really don't want to even hang out with agent orange at all. And he keeps hitting me up to come out to chill but I keep denying him. By repeatedly denying him, he thinks I am "f******" him over. So now he is going to s**** me over on something. Unless if I continue this. I don't know what yet and I hope he is just bluffing. There are one of two things of which he can get back at me
1. Tell my coworker! NOT GOOD! I realize I was doing something bad but I don't want my coworker to know
2. Tell me parents (yes, I live with them) that I have been sneaking out to have s** with him... SO NOT GOOD. My parents are hardcore Indians with strict rules. That goes without saying they believe in abstinence.

Nov 25, 2014

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  • Denial isn't just a river in Egypt. Tell people that he's just jealous that he can't have you and is making s*** up to get revenge.

  • I guess he is sprung on your Punjab p****. Try to use some soap on your p****. I heard it turns other punjabs off not having body Oder.

  • Wtf is wrong with you? Racist p****. I hope this is just bad humour!

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