Sneaking pervs at dad's p**** mags

When I was a young girl (under double digits) I discovered masturbation. I didn't understand what I was doing or why I wanted to do it all the time, I only knew that it felt great. I became obsessed with anything that would help me feel that wonderful tingle. My Dad stopped drinking when I was about 7. I remember this because My baby brother was born when I was 5 but I didn't care cause I was still Daddy's little girl & loved to spend as much time with Daddy as I could & loved being by his side whatever he was doing - welding, motorbike riding mowing the lawns, YOu name it, if he was there then so was I.
I guess you could say I was a bit of a tom boy, I hated shoes & hated clothes even more.

Dad used to work in his garage/tool shed & I would be running around the back yard under the sprinkles naked then run into his shed soaking wet to give him a big hug.
I vaguely remember one day when I ran into the shed & I didn't see Daddy straight away (the shed didn't have a lot of light unless the roller door was open) & of course I soon found out why Daddy had it closed.
I don't know whether he didn't hear me cause I was trying to "Boo" him ( a game where we sneak up on another then tickle the person after yelling "Boo" or that he was so "engrossed" he just didn't hear me.. Although now that I am in my 30's... & have more vivid childhood flashbacks Ive started to come to the belief that these "Oopsies"" were less & less accidental & more like "On purposes" or "Maybe's"

But I digress...
See I snuck in, naked & wet & eventually found my Daddy's sitting behind the side door of the garage at his work bench. You know I think everyone has been scared by someone hiding behind an open door. I didn't say anything cause he still didn't know I was there So I snuck up closer getting ready for the big "BOO". Dad had his head stuck in a magazine, with his back to me, as I came up to his his left hand side it was then I noticed his shorts were undone & pulled down to his thighs & he had his hand moving up and down on his big magical thing. (My mom is a bit of a prude & before this I honestly don't recall seeing my dad naked) I couldn't believe how hard thick and shinny it was. I could also see the mag he was 'reading" no words just pretty pictures that I wanted to look at too! Dad gave his thing a few more tugs before "guilt' got the better of him & he told me to turn away as he pulled his shorts up. I tried to grab the mag so I could look but he put it up on the high shelf. He said I was naughty for being so sneaking but when I asked him what he was looking at and doing & if I could look & touch he shook his head & said no & that I should pretend I didn't see anything otherwise mum wouldn't let me help dad in the shed anymore.... We started working on building something & Dad went inside to make a coffee so of course I moved the stool to climb up onto the bench & was caught with my hand down my pants, standing on the bench flipping thru his p**** mags. They had such big b**** I wanted to suck on them & I didn't understand why their Peepee had so much hair like somebody had on the head. One of the rudie ladies was licking the other rudie ladies pee pee. in the same spot I couldn't stop touching on myself.
YOu have to remember I was naked with my hands on my pus so it ws no surprise when dad smacked my bottome & brushed his hand against my bare pus as he lifted me down from the bench, as I slid down I noticed a big bulge in the middle of his shorts & asked if he'd hurt himself, he said no the he locked the shed up & went inside to watch the cricket.
After that I would search his shed every chance I got to find those 'books' but they weren't in the shed anywhere...
I found them though!!
Mum & Dad had a black & white tv in their bedroom of our little 2 bed house. Sometimes I was allowed to lay at the foot of their bed & watch tv where, out of view from mum & dad I would normally fall asleep. Sometimes I would hear the springs creaking & othertimes I would pretend to be asleep just so I could continue watching 'naughty tv'.
Some of my favourties were the Benny HIll show. Mum used to go cranking at Dad for watching Benny when I was in the room but he swore I was asleep & even tried to tickle me to see if id move just so mum would relax.
Im pretty sure Dad knew I was faking being asleep as he busted me a few times when he'd get up to pee i'd be wiggle & tickle myself then suddenly freeze in position (sometimes in a pose you shouldn't see your young daughter in).
I recall a movie they watched my gosh it was hot, so much so that with me "asleep' as the foot of the bed they started f******. I peeked while mum was sucking Dad's c***. & got very excited myself when Dad winked at me & put his hand to his mouth to Ssshh me after busting me perving, I had too! I couldn't resist After Dad said to Mum "Suck my hard C*** you dirty s***'

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