Sneaking pervs at daddy's p**** part 2

I snuck under their bed to listen & watch their fun action.I was happy to re-find Dad's p*** mags I was so excited that I started flipping thru the mag instantly.As Daddy slept near the window, he had to walk around the bed so I felt sure that Mum wouldn't see me even though part of my golden curls were in plain view on Daddy's side. When he came to bed that night in his paper thin cotton pj shorts he stood right over the top of me (3/4 hidden under bed) & I watched with fascination as he put his semi-erect c*** back thru the open gap (for guys to pull it out & pee). I so wanted to touch it!! But he didn't look at me & I didn't move. What he did do is open up a bedside drawer & pulled out another p**** mag and as I lay hiding under the bed while my mother lay beside my dad breastfeeding my brother I intently listed to my dad turning the pages of the mag as he played with himself. I know his c*** got hard cause he got mum to lick & suck with while my brother sucked his milk from her b***. I quickly snuck myself & the mag back to my room & hid under the covers. I masturbated over that mag for a week. I only put it back because I found a brand new mag underneath DAd's bed. This happened for a few weeks, Id find a new mag under his bed, pinch it fondle my little pus over it then when a new mag appeared i'd put it back. I realised I wasn't getting into trouble for taking them so it mustve been okay. I think my daddy was deliberately leaving them there for me to read & look at... Yes read! I discovered in some the mags, Mayfair, & Fiesta (I liked these 2 the best) that not only did they have sexy rudie pictures sometimes they had rudie pix of men & women sucking and f******. but they also had stories. It was here I discovered yet another sexual obessions erotica. I would read the dreams men had of s** & naughty things they wanted to do. In one mag In the Letters to editor sections a man had sent in amature pix he'd taken of 2 sexy rudie women (1 old lady & a skinny young lady with no hair on her pee pee.
Her Naked p**** is what really caught my eye as it was the late 70's & hairy p**** was it. But this girl had no hair like my p**** but she had little b**** that poke out like triangles. Some of the pix had both old & hairless lady in them, touching one another's b**** etc. I read the story he wrote for his pix & he said the older hairy lady was his wife & she hates clothes blah blah but then he said that the pix of the the girl with no hair were his daughter. I was shocked I quickly turned the page back to look at the images of mum & daught naked together touching one another. The dad wrote tthat they all love to be nude together & he thought his daughter very sexy girl, a virgin who's looking for boyfriend so they took sexy pix of her & mum to send to mag so maybe daughter can find a boyfriend cos very h**** & love to put on pus play show in front of her parents f******. he said for men to write to mag if liked his daughter so she could f*** too. Dad then wrote he & girls mum where going to teach her how to give a good b******* (I didn't know what that meant) until at the end of the story he wrote he couldn't wait till they taught their daughter how to suck a real mans c*** & it'd have to be his (Dad) & maybe they'll take some pix of daddy's girl sucking his d*** & send in.
After reading this my butt was laying in a big wet puddle on the floor under my mum & dad's bed.So I climbed up onto my parent's bed & with mag in hand & my p**** in the other stared @ the naked family & had the biggest"Happy Sigh" i'd ever had. I couldn't stop thinking about my Daddy & also wondering if my mum would touch me their like the mum in the mag did & if they'd teach me to be a good little c*** sucker too & let me practice on my Daddy. Soon I came again but my moans sent my Mum into her room where she discovered me naked playing with myself. Somehow I quickly flipped the pages to front of mag to a story about cars. When mum asked me what is was doing I calmly replied I was reading stories about cars. She told me not to lie & she said she knew I wasn't but somehow I started telling her all about the car I was reading about. She told me im not allowed to look at these books & that Id been very naughty & she'd tell Daddy about it later.

I didn't get trouble off Daddy, the mag's were now kept in his bedside drawer (unlocked) & for years I laid on their bed playing & perving at dads p***. Dad did ask me after I got caught & sittin on his lap & got the magazine id busted with & said to show him what i'd been looked at. first I showed him the cars,he said 'Ah' & what else did I like, I showed the dirty cartoons & he asked what else, I said photos & stories. My fav he asked.. So I showed him the the DAd's letter & wife & daughter pix. He smiled & said I was a good girl & Dad perved on me as I grew

Nov 26, 2014

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  • Well have you trained to be a good c*** sucker or licked mom's c***?

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