My friend killed a pedophile

When I was a teenager I had a friend I was always a bit leery of. I knew there was something about him that was dangerous but I didn't know how right I was.

It wasn't that he was not a good friend it was just that he was tough and he wouldn't take s*** off of anybody. He liked to fight but only when someone else started it.

He had two nieces who were being raised by his sister and her second husband. Well apparently this stepfather sexually molested both girls. The girls told their mother who called the police and he was arrested.

He was out on bond awaiting trial and he was working in his garden when my friend confronted him with the only weapon he had.

He had a crossbow. He shot the guy in the back. The guy got up and tried to get back to his house but he got shot again. He was now on the ground with two quarrels in his back when my friend shot him a third time.

The guy passed out and while he was on the ground my friend shot him twice more in other words making sure he was dead.

My friend was only 14 when he did this.

He was arrested and while I didn't go to his trial I heard that he casually told the judge hed kill the next child molester he ran into.

He was a juvenile and he was sentenced to fifteen years to life first in juvenile than to adult prison.

While in prison he got educated. He got enough college credits to graduate and he was paroled after only ten years.

My friend now works as a air conditioner installer and business owner and makes about twice the salary I do. He is married with two kids both girls.

No one ever bothered these two girls.

I wonder why?


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  • Good for him. All pedophiles deserve to die.

  • Murderers are the only people that deserve to die and people with attitudes like yours.

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