fetish for sexy longnails

I am young man in late 20s.i watched p*** genre of female pornstars with hot long nails giving hot f*** and b*******. I have love to watch ladies polished nails in the streets and dream of hot s**.

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  • I've shared my long nail fetish with my hot older sister (who is responsible for it in the first place) for years. She loves the attention, and uses her long nails on me for pleasure. She keeps them polished, and, will do them certain colors for me by request. Her nails are usually between an inch and half to two inches long.

    As for the p*** length..We've done that a few times. It's SO hot! She's not much for extensions, but, as a thank you to me for working around her house, and, pre- bday gift, told me she'd do the p*** star-length nails for me. They were about 3" and looked amazing on her..Told her if she wasn't a teacher and had to keep her nails at their current length for school (and even that didn't thrill her boss, who often told her to cut them entirely), I'd pay for her to keep them at that p*** length.. My own private nail princess..

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