When I was 15, my friend through a massive house party. Most people left but about 4 of us crashed there for the night. It was me and my friend, then the host was a girl and her 2 other friends crashed too. I woke up around 12pm, still dazed I found everyone still asleep. I tried to find my stuff, so I walked through the whole house. Thats when I stumbled across her friend. She was 17, hottest girl in grade 11. She was on the couch passed out. I crouched down right in front and looked up her skirt. A small tight purple gstring wedged between her p****. I lifted her skirt past her ass and stuck my nose between her delicious legs. I even licked a little. She didnt move but i was scared to go furthur. Being a virgin, I was very excited. I wanted more. I nudged her and she fell over. I gently wedged her panties off and stuffed them in my pockets. I then proceded to w*** my d*** right in front over her exposed p****. I tried edging it in but it was way too hard. I settled with rubbing my head with her outer lips. Almost c****** I put it on her face and j*** as hard as i could. I left huge c** ropes across her face. Satified i went on to find my stuff. I entered the hostess's bedroom. No one inside, I decided to indulge on her panties. I found a plastic bag, opened her top drawer, and took every single one. At the very back, in a velvet pouch, I pulled out a vibrator. It was pink and rubbery. I took that too. I would have loved to see her face when she discovers her entire panty collection missing.

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  • Okay.... Am I the only one thinking this? "Plastic bag full of painties?" What the h***? Why would you keep panties in a plastic, in an underwear drawer? Unless your sandy cheeks crashing at spong bobs pineapple

  • Either you are full of s**t...or a piece of s**t!!!

  • So it is ok to post about committing rape on this site and make it sound exciting?

  • It seems to me that if you perceived this post as sounding or meant to sound exciting then there is something very wrong with you because to any normal minded person there is nothing at all exciting about rape, except in the mind of the rapist.

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