I was a f*** monster

I have been an insatiable, dirty, slutty f*** monster. I'm a 40-something year old guy that was married a few years ago and for at least half the marriage I f***** around. A lot. I f***** a lot of women...all kinds of women. Short, tall, skinny, fat, young, old, ugly pretty, married and single. And I liked it. I loved everything about f****** a woman. I had some girlfriends that were married and I even had one that would f*** me and then go home and tell her husband all about it while they f*****. It was their kink and I didn't mind playing along. She started to like me too much and hubby got weird so that was that. I had a few girlfriends that were in their twenties. One was a little dark haired thing that was super hot and LOVED to f*** me. She'd get so hot that she'd squirt all over the bed. Primo p****. I had a girlfriend that was probably around 50 and she had a HUGE c***! She loved to have it sucked and I loved to suck it.

What I also liked was to occasionally f*** men. I didn't like it all the time, but sometimes I have an itch that only c*** can scratch. Well, actually, I liked men to f*** me. I liked to suck and swallow. I would swallow every drop. I liked to let a guy get between my legs and f*** me anyway he wanted. The bigger the c*** the better. I'd meet most of the women on various s** websites but almost all of the guys were CL hookups. I've found that women more over like to meet at a hotel. Guys will do it anywhere. Mostly, I hooked up with guys when I was out of town working and I already had a room. The best b******* I ever got was from a guy. It was absolutely fantastic! I begged him to f*** me but he wouldn't. I was so thankful that I laid him down and sucked his b**** completely dry. Every. Last. Drop. I had one guy that ran an auto garage. I'd go over and let him f*** me doggy style until he was happy. He had a shower there and I'd wash the c** off of me and go back to work. I once saw a craigslist ad for a black guy with a 9 inch c*** and I hit him up. He came over and yep, it was a 9 inch c***. I sucked him off and he came on my face and left. And through all of this I never, ever got caught.

Eventually, I ended the marriage and moved on. It was a terrible marriage to start with and maybe that's why I f***** around or maybe I'm a s** addict. Maybe I just loved the chase or the attention or something. I seriously don't know. What I do know is that once I moved on to other relationships I've had no trouble staying faithful. Sometimes, I get a craving for some hot s** but I'm not interested in acting on it. But, I wonder if that guy still has the garage nearby....

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