My wife and I never have s** any more

My wife and I never have s** any more, she never feels like it. She's going to be out of town this weekend and I have an opportunity to get with a client of mine who's a serious MILF. We've trysted before and I'm trying hard not to give in. But dammit I have needs and my wife thinks I should only want it when she does. IF EVER.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Never dip your pen in the company ink. Just get a h*****.

  • It will be awkward but you owe it to both of yourselves to talk about it. Don't spring it when she's watching Oprah or anything like that.

    Help with the house duties to free up her time and then tell her you want to talk. Start out asking if there is something you're doing wrong. Look for faults with yourself that she won't tell you about. Then bring up the issue with s**. See if she'll open up. Facing her issues and talking about them might even help her with her inner issues.

    Has there been any big change before the freeze? Did you both give up on romance? 7 year itch or anything like that?

  • I hate women, their nothing but S***...

  • ^^Forget that... ur wife isn't worth it.... dude.... go get what u want... and way in h*** does your wife care about u. Just as soon as they sink their claws into you, they own u. Stand up for u, and F*** the other chick... after all, that's what all men want....AND NEED>..

  • Throw your wife on the bed and show her what's really good:)

  • Forget confronting her. If she cared about you that much she'd sleep with you. After all that's her wifely duty is to supply all your needs. I say do that MILF over and over and over again and then you can think about talking to your wife.

  • then you can go on guilt free

    cheating is just saying the realtionships over. honestly confront her about it and if she still turns her back, then the realtionship really is over.

  • I think you should do the MILF

  • I think you need to have a serious talk with your wife, I think that should come before anything.

  • You will probably regret it but drain that MILF of all her c**. If your wife won't do it let her.

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