I'm straight but fantasize about letting a guy suck my d***

I'm a totally straight guy but I have fantasize about overpowering a younger and weaker guy and in a show of power making him suck my d*** and swallow my load. Like what they do in prison.

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  • My mane is David and I would love to suck your d*** anytime, I liked the part about you over powering me and forcing me to blow you, like we are in a jail cell, just me and you. I would really like you hold down and rape me in the ass ( hard the harder the better). You can over power me anytime!! Bye, Your little b**** boyfriend.

  • Not into c**, but I'd love to suck your c*** anytime you want it throughout the day, especially every second in the shower. You're more than welcome to c** on my face.

  • How old are you? Would you let me wrestle you and overpower you first? I would promise not to c um in your mouth if you didn't want it as long as you let me c um on your face.

  • I'm a 67yo happily married, father and grandfather. I've been a p**** hound my entire life. I was at the mall shopping last month when a waitress slipped me her name and number. She is 38yo and a wild child in bed - which is my kind. I traveled a lot for my work and got all kinds women while on the road. I was 33 yo, and drunk, when I got my first b******* from a male colleague. I've never, ever had a female who can give a BJ like a man. Had I know men were that good, I'd had 'em a swinging on my sausage a lot earlier. I could care less the classification, category or box anyone attempts to place me in. I know what I like and it's none of anyone's business...including my wife.

  • Fantasizing about same s** situations is quite normal. And a fantasy doesn't define your sexual orientation. It's simply a fantasy. Even acting it out, doesn't necessarily mean you're gay.. could be bi, or just experimenting. But at the same time, if you are.. it shouldn't matter. As long as you're happy and stay safe.

  • News flash: you are NOT "totally straight".

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