What the h*** happened

I honestly don't know.

I met this guy 4 years ago and just became romantically interested in him 2 years ago. Turns out, he was too. A few months ago he asked me out, nearly engagement-style. I accepted (no, nothing strange or disgusting about the relationship, he's 17, I'm 16, classic teenage 'love'.). I was so happy, like a big piece of my heart that was lost was replaced (family issues).

And so, he asked me out on a date. His and my first date. "Whatever restraunt you want." He told me. I picked iHop as I absolutely love that place, and it was settled. A few days later and we were eating at my favorite place. Mid-way through the date I had to use the bathroom and did so (important). Everything was unbelievably blissful up until that point.

Skip about 20 minutes in, I felt... Weird and rather tired. I completely blew it off and went on with the date. I don't remember anything after that save for the next night when I'm sleeping in my room. I had no idea what happened.

I still don't, but I'm fearing the worst. I've been throwing up every day since a few days after that and I haven't had my period in two months, not a single day. I've been eating like CRAZY and I've barely gained a pound. Not to mention I'm failing my grades due to immense lack of sleep.

I've had thoughts about what happened and... Asked my was-then boyfriend. He said he had no idea what happened and has practically alienated me. He even denied the date until I showed him the bracelet he gave me. Now we're complete strangers and he broke up with me via text. I felt so shabby and useless. Still do.

I stole one of my mom's pregnancy test and it shows positive. I can't tell anyone because I have no idea what happened my own damn self! I had such high hopes in life and my parents have demonized abortion over and over and I'm just so scared. I've literally not felt this afraid... Ever.

I need help so bad yet if I tell anyone I'm afraid of the backlash. Please...


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  • I reckon you should tell your parents. Most parents love their kids and can be a lot more supportive than you think. When I think back on my life I recall really worrying about stuff because of what I thought my parents would think. Sometimes I would talk to them and even though I was afraid of everything from punishment to embarrassment each time it was such a relief to give it over to them.

  • Call the police and tell them what happened. But first, go to the doctors. You need to get checked up for any STD's and especially so if you were a virgin before meeting him, they can find out if you are pregnant, which is most likely the case as almost no positive test is wrong. It is not a loss of memory. You were drugged. Don't spend any more time thinking about what you should do, you need to go now. I'm usually not a fan of abortion but am all for prochoice. Since you were raped, you may want to think about having an abortion as the baby would probably remind you of what happened to you. Please call the doctors ASAP and tell them. Depending on your relationship with your parents, you're going to have to judge for yourself if you should tell them what happened first. It may be a good idea to

  • I just re-read your post, don't tell your parents atm. Call the doctors or if there are any rape clincs or such nearby and get checked out. Yes, you were raped. Everything he's done, including lieing indicates that its true. He probably though you wouldn't have memory of the restaurant either. Don't contact this ex-boyfriend. He is dangerous. Once you are sure from the doctor that you are pregnant, call the police and tell them. Also, it may not be best to tell your doctor you were raped. Just go in saying you think you may be pregnant, and also ask for an STD check up. Make up a story if you need to. Telling the police is crucial. Don't feel bad for this mother f*****. He needs to be put in jail for what he's done to you! Best of luck, stay tough. You'll make it through, you are stronger then you think darling.

  • Yes get to a doctor. If you were raped then go to the police.

  • Don't be afraid. The worst thing you can do is let this continue. You need to go to your parents, tell them what happened. You need to go to a doctor, and tell them what happened. Loss of memory is a HUGE deal. Please seek help from those that love you. Most importantly, go to a doctor.

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