I want to see my wife g*********

I have this fantasy of a group of big black guys with huge d**** would come to my home and gang rape my wife. Over and over again. Is it weird that I want to see her sexually abused and exploited? I wish she was a w**** and f****** who ever she could, cuz I am f****** a girl she knows nothing of. We are church folk but I am a huge w**** and cheat on my wife Tyler every chance I get. I love knowing I cheat on her. She is young beautiful and very tight. I LOVE knowing I cheat on her. She is a good wife. But too dumb to know I cheat on her with our friends.

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  • I want my wife raped by multiple men as well

  • I have thoughts of setting up a couple of friends to break into house when wife thinks I away at. Work. I am going to be outside in dark peering through window, with curtain mostly closed, to watch both guys,( with stocking caps. Pulled over faces. ) rape my hot wife. My friends are ready, and anxious to f*** her, and fill her p---y with creampies! Would you trade wives nude pics? Hippy6944@gmail..com

  • I fantasise about my wife being gang raped all the time

  • It is absolutely normal.

  • Bish, no it's not!

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