F***** up life part 2

Couple of years later, we had a female servant,I think she was between 17 and 19, who used to take care of me then, I was about 9 or 10 then and I was starting to like girls. I remember making advances towards her, even threatening her that she would get fired if she didn't let me do what I wanted. She used to sleep on the floor of my room by my bed. I remember at nights slipping out of my bed and going down laying next to her and playing with her t*** and sucking on them. Trying to put my small, semi flaccid d*** in her hairy p****.
When I was 11 we moved to the u.s, we stayed with one of my family's house, the one with the cousin, for a couple of months, and then moved to a different state to live there, while getting settled we were staying with my other family. I had two female cousins, one was 16 the other was then 6. the kids would all sleep on the floor. My older cousin and I were pretty close. I remember one night, when it started, she asked me to scratch her back, and i reluctantly did it. after a while, I'm not sure if I was the one who went exploring her body, or she turned so I would be feeling her b******, but that happened. We were doing that for a while, me playing and sucking on her t***, always on the premise that she was sleeping and I start scratching her back. Since I was a clueless little kid, she even put on p*** before pretending to go to sleep. I didn't even know what c****** was, I don't remember when but having s** with her was the first time I came, lol I remember asking "what's that white stuff? why don't I have that?" sometime before that. This went on for a while, not always the s** part, but always the part of me playing with her t***. It did subdue a lot because my family found our own place and she moved out and stuff. It even happened when she dropped off the grid for a year and a half and finally moved back and i went to go visit her. and as recent as 2 years ago when I saw her. We don't talk about what happened during our waken hours, It is just a secret that happens when we are hanging out alone and she is pretending to sleep or not notice me playing with her t***.

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