My b**** crush on a blogger...

Most guys fantasize about celebrities and what not but I got a huge b**** crush on a blogger in the Chicago area where I live.
I follow the local Triblocal stories on twitter. A while back one of the stories from blogger Amy Bordoni caught my eye so I clicked on it and her photo came up as the page loaded and I got a huge b**** just like that. I've gotten hard watching p*** or fantasizing about a celebrity but never with a random person with just a profile picture. So I did a google image search and found some other photos of her. I don't know what it is but I find her so f****** sexy! Something in her eyes and smile just scream S**!
I've kept this mostly to myself and I'm not a stalker or anything. I know she's married and 20 years older than I am but I get so f****** hard when I see a pic of her it drives me crazy.
So that's my confession. I'm 25 years old and often m********* fantasizing about f****** this older woman that lives in my town.

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  • I've been with her twice. There was going to be a third time but I think her husband found out and that was that.

  • What a MILF. I'd totally do her. Nom Nom.

  • Looks like she married a guy 7 years younger than her. By default that makes her a Cougar.

  • I can't claim to have a "true story" like one of the previous posters but I did meet her once at a bar in town and she likes to flirt for sure. Good for her if she's having fun! Nothing wrong with that if all are in agreement. People need to chill about what others do with their s** life.

  • Have you reached out to her? Just because she's married and older doesn't mean anything. I'm seeing a Woman in my area on a regular basis who's older and married. It happens a lot. You just don't hear about it.

  • It's always the innocent and sweet looking ones who are the naughtiest behind closed doors.

  • What a hot milf she is. I would totally do her!

  • Yeah, she's f***ing hot!

  • She sucked my c*** in a parking lot once. True story.

  • Please do tell more!

  • Yeah, she has that Milf next door that'll f*** your brains out kind of vibe about her for sure! Hot.

  • I think she's a gorgeous cougar MILF! I bet you she's an animal in bed.

  • She is kind of hot in a plain sort of way.

  • Those are the kinkiest ones!

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