Step daughter from h***

I have a 6 year old step daughter as well. Sometimes she makes me wanna scream!!! I have been with her father almost 2 years . Baby mama just ha another baby, doesn't pay child support, has no visitation at this time , due to neglect and drug abuse . We tried letting mom see her supervised and tht slapped is in the face.

So I am my SD main parent now, dad works 12 hour days 7 days a week. So I have to DEAL with her. I buy all her clothes am toys and hair things, I fix her hair and paint her nails and take her out for snacks or drinks after school, do her home work with her , handle all the school events. ( and we aren't even married) but in return I get lied to, talked back to, she has destroyed my walls and closet doors by peeling the paint , she makes it a point to stand in the hall and tell you she is finished after every thing she does!!! Her voice has begun to anger me . I don't care what she has to say, because she whines and talks like a baby. She gets this tiny voice when dad is around and gives me dirty looks when she is hugging her dad. Wtf? She LiES all the time damn near everything is a lie . And when you ask her why she can't tell the truth she claims she don't know how. She can't keep her hands to her self, I am always getting on to her for hitting the boys across the street, at this point if thy black her eye... She had it comming !! We can't leave her with anyone because she doesn't act right nor listen. She is 6!!! Wtf is dad gonna do at 16 ? He is in for one h*** of a ride !!! Oh and I forgot !!!! That's what she always has to say for her self oh I forgot... Forgot my ass we have been doing the same crap for 2 years now ..... The rules don't change.

I feel myself putting up a wall. I can't take the stress of a selfish, lying, crying, theife, baby, brat. And she has everyone fooled as well. All his family think she is an angel. They get mad when we don't let her ray with them , well um they don't feed her let her run around with a bag of chips, don't make her dress for weather when she is out side she comes home sick, thy don't bathe her or inforce out bed time or our rules !!! We pretty much cut them all off except for holidays . So basically I have NO HELP.
And everyone expects me not to be fusterated or pissy every day ..... Then dad need to step his ass up cause I will leave no questions asked

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  • What's the freakin' matter with you parents.. BUst her ass every time she acts-up with a belt and mean it! You are a coward that shouldn't have children under your supervision! If I was that little girl I'd make life miserable too! C*** up b****! Annie

  • Here's a 6 year old kid who can't say..Thank you to you for taking care of her" Because she doesn't really understand..why her real mom isn't able to take care of her, but has a new baby. Or that her dad is around, but not really. Her behavior has nothing to do with you. Really, how would a 6 year old comprehend that? You're doing all you can. You're the only stable person in her life. It's a little girl who just wants her parents so she's acting out. It's almost like PTSD. She's screaming for attention. Yes, her dad needs to be there and spend time with her. And when she gets in trouble, he needs to back you. You can't be the disciplinarian and he gets to be the angel of a parent. How do you two (you and him) even have a relationship with him working everyday for 12 hours? That that's really necessary? I don't know your financial situation..but that just sounds weird. Like he's escaping his own life. Have you thought about have your step daughter see a therapist? You are doing a good job. Take some deep breaths. You are the only constant in her life. Someday when she's older and can look back she will thank you for really being there.

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