Almost nude

My best friend always sends embarrassing pictures of me (triple chin, disgusting faces)to our other friends I've tried to get her back a couple of times with less embarrassing pictures of her(double chin, off guard pic) but she gets so mad when I do. One time I even cried because she sent such a horrible pic of me to my crush at that time.Today, she posted as her kik profile pic a picture of my face cropped on a sumo wrestler and that picture has got to be the most embarrassing picture of me that has ever been taken. Just imagine dwayne johnsons face after ate the most sour lemon he's ever had with one eye halfway closed making duck lips with the mouth slightly open and Miley Cyrus buns then times that by ten and you got one disgusting picture of me. I was so mad when I saw that picture. But instead of calmly asking her to take that down, I got a picture of her in her underwear standing sideways on FaceTime. Her face was blocked but you could see her body. It was a bad quality picture too. So I posted that as my kik profile picture and before you say anything lemme just tell you that I only have two people on my kik . Her and our close friend siam who's a guy. I was planning on taking the picture off right after she confronted me about it but my dumbass forgot and watched a movie instead. I had my phone on bed on do not disturb so i didnt hear any notifications. After the movie was done I was about to go to sleep but decided to check my phone and it was her telling me that I really crossed the line on that one she was just hella p***** at me. Siam saw it but he was cool about it. H*** he probably didn't even know it was her before she told him. I made up a lie saying that my friend did it thinking it was me. And she continued to tell me how some of her innocence was lost after this happened. Idk what will happen tomorrow but is it bad that I feel she deserved it?

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  • Her innocence is lost. Whatever.. it wasn't a nude and she was the one who said who it was. Your best friend is a poor loser. She can dish it but she can't take it. Tell her it's very simple, if she continues to post and sends unflattering photos of will do the same to her. If she would like to stop, then you will. She can't have different rules for herself. I don't know.. the fact that you've told her it's not funny and she continues to do it.. She sounds more like a b**** or a bully than a best friend. Because a best friend would know that it's not nice to embarrass or to blatantly make fun of anyone and she does just that. Maybe it's good that this happens. She's showing you her true colors. Seriously, what have you confided to her about and she's run her mouth? She wants to hurt you, why else would she be doing this?

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