The night i became a s*** 1

Im female, 31 years old and married. I must confess to some one my night of unadulterated filth. I was invited to my best friends sisters hen night. It started as normal at bars and clubs, games and challenges. The more i drank the naughtier i felt. One of the other girls offered me some coke and i thought why not, you only live once. Her name was yaz and we became joined at the hip that night. One of my challenges was to dirty dance with another woman and see how many men watched. I chose yaz and of we went. She was an amazing dancer doing s*** drops and grinding against me. Her leggings showing off her figure perfectly. To my disbelief i was getting wet watching and feeling her against me. I grabbed her and started kissing her and she kissed me back. She started rubbing my behind and my mini dress rode up showing my undies. We won that challenge. Back with the group she said she was going to the bar and dragged me with her. She lead me by the hand straight to the toilets and into a cubicle. She roughly pushed me face first up the wall and started rubbing my legs and ass. I couldnt help but push back against her. She whispered to me "dont make f****** sound", lifted my dress over my hips and pulled my undies down to my knees. I could feel how wet i was and heard a squelch as she spread me with her hands and started licking my p**** and a******. I never had that done to me before! OMG! I turned, took off my undies and put one foot up on the toilet. She forced, in a good way, four fingers into me and i came in seconds. She just stood up, wiped her hands and face on my dress and said "you are coming with me. And your knickers are staying here!" I didnt question her as i followed her, watching her behind in those tight black leggings, into a taxi. All the way to her place she was fingering me slowly. The driver nearly crashed twice! When we arrived at her house i was shaking with nerves and only had eyes for her. "You're gonna love this!" She grinned. As soon as the door was shut she ripped my dress over my head leaving me naked apart from my high heels. She stepped back and stared at me nodding. By the hand she lead me into her lounge and pulled off her leggings. "Lick my p****" she said. I couldnt resist her. My first time with another woman and i ate her like i was a pro! She tasted of sweat and sweetness. And the smell! The h******* thing of all was the feel of her hands in my hair, holding me down there as i am on my knees ass in the air. "You do like men to dont you?" She panted. "Mmmhhhh mmmmmhhhhhh!" Was all i could reply. Then i felt hands on my ass, spreading it and a tongue on my p****. I had no idea who this was so turned to see a large black man lift his head and say "hey baby!". Yaz was married!!!! She leant forward and said straight to my face "this is my husband carl and we are going to have some fun tonight, ok!" I nodded slowly, even bit my lip as a wave pleasure hit me. "Do it!" I said. They did. The first thing i felt was a pain/pleasure mix as he pushed what felt like a wine bottle into me. I came as i felt his b**** on my p****. "Carls a big boy isnt he?" Grinned yaz moving round behind me. I fell to the floor and rolled over to see her licking the biggest d*** i have ever seen. "Open your legs so i can see him f*** you" said yaz as she stroked carls d***. It was the most amazing d*** i have ever seen. I found my husbands p*** history once and he had been watching "bbc" clips. They had nothing on carl. Yaz guided his d*** to my p**** and rubbed it up and down on me. I could feel my juices running onto my arsehole as he pushed slowly into me. It took my breath as he started pumping. Yaz sucked and licked my nipples and moved slowly up to kiss me. She held my face and put her hand on my throat! Wtf! "Now hes in there, im gonna choke you as he pounds the s*** out of that s*** p****!" This was new to me but i got wetter at thought. I nodded. She squeezed. He f***** me like a machine. I started to go weak, my vision blurred and i may have blacked out. When she let go of my neck and i gulped air in the sensation was out of this world. I came like never before and it lasted for minutes. He pulled out of me and yaz straddled me and leant down to kiss me. She stared into my eyes as she stuck her tongue in my mouth. She stopped, her eyes widened and she started panting. "Hes f****** my a***! Oh f***! Hes right in my a***!" This i had to see so slid out from under her and went round to look. Omg. It was all the way in to the b****. He started to pull out slowly until, with a pop, he was all the way out and her arsehole was pulsing, almost winking. He grabbed my by the hair and forced me down to suck his d***. I didnt want to but what could i do? The taste was ok, but i felt such a s*** i just went for it. "Your turn now!" Said yaz. I had never had a*** before and i was a little nervous. They sat me on the edge of the sofa and lay me back. Yaz rubbed some lube on his d*** and my a***. Tbc

Dec 16, 2014

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  • Could I please get the link of the second part. I am getting kind of curious and sadly not finding it

  • Nevermind, found it

  • I have posted part 2 in embarrassing by mistake, sorry! X

  • Have posted part 2 in embarrassing by mistake! X

  • That soo nice and makes be hot and wet just thinking how that felt. Your one lucky lady ;-)

  • I could make you a lucky lady if you want? My muscle isn't that big but it does satisfy a few ladies being 8 inches from time to time especially married ladies. My wife's friend gets so wet I can't help myself when I'm around her.

  • Wow...this is such a hot story, its left me all hard and h**** for more

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