The night i became a s*** 2

Continued. He put the tip of his bbc against my arsehole and began to push. "Relax like youre having a p***" yaz instructed. When i did this the head just popped in. I had never felt such a mix of pain and pleasure. He started slowly pumping until i started moaning. Yaz began rubbing my c*** and kissing me as i got more into it. "Choke me again! Please!" I begged. She wrapped her hand around my throat and squeezed. I felt my body weaken and go limp. Then bam! The air was back and carl was hammering hard at my a***. I came hard and clamped tight around his monster d*** as yaz pumped three fingers in and out of my dripping p****. Carl came soon after. In my a***, actually b**** deep in my a***. Omg i had never even had a*** before tonight and now i had s**** running out of my arsehole! I watched breathless as yaz licked his d*** clean. I was spent and just lay there legs open, and apperently my a*** was to! Yaz slipped two fingers in and i didnt move. "I think you broke her babe!" She laughed. My phone began to ring in my handbag! My husband! I fumbled and composed myself as i answered. "Hello darling" i said. He asked if i needed picking up as it was after 1 am. "No, we all moved on to yazs house." Not all a lie. As i was talking to john, carl pushed his massive d*** slowly back into my aching a***. I had to bire down and hold my breath so as not to scream. They both smiled as i struggled to control myself. I was being slowly assfucked by a massive black c*** whilst on the phone to my husband! I ended the call as soon as i could. Carl ploughed into me again but made me take his c** in my p****! Yaz told me to lick her c*** and make her come so i went down on her. I had an image come into my head of one of johns p*****. I slid first two, then three fingers into her loose wet c***. I kept going with four fingers and tried to squeeze my thumb in too. I felt the tightness on my hand and moved up to kiss her. I grabbed her hair and said through gritted teeth "im going to fist f*** you till you scream!" I pushed hard and forced my hand in up to my wrist. After a few minutes of this she came and as i pulled out my hand she squirted all over my arm. By now carl was hard again and i watched as he assfucked her hard and fast until they both collapsed. It was almost 4 am when got dressed, minus my knickers, to leave. I was a little sore and my thighs were sticky with c**. I left my number and got in a taxi home. I even let john f*** my ass for the first time that early sunday morning. All he could say was "i thought it wouldve been tighter!" Ive never told him he f***** me through another mans c**. I see yaz and carl regularly now and have booked a "girly" holiday with them and a friend of carls, who is just as sexy. I feel that night opened my eyes to what i had been missing out on and i am now a s*** and loving it!

Dec 17, 2014

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  • I am now 17 and two years ago I was introduced to a*** s** by our neighbor to whom I had to promise to stop by their house after school every day and when they told me to on the weekends. I became their s** slave. Most of the time just the 2 guys but later it became 3 then 4 and many more on the week ends.
    By Sunday afternoons most week ends I was so sore from having c**** all sizes shoved up my ass seldom my puss for these guys were gay and they were trying to get to me but in reality I was loving it. I loved their c*** deep in my ass and much more their c**. Everyone gave me all they had over and over and it became so much I began to save it in a pint jar.
    Then Jason introduced me to Kevin OMG was he ever huge a good 10 inches long and I swear 2 1/2 inches across with a huge swollen head it had to be close to if not over 3 inches across. He f***** my ass for a good three hours felt like my insides were being pulled out every time he tried to pull his c*** from me but I wouldn't let him. Finally he won and his c** followed for a good 10 minutes. Laying there in his c** and no one else wanting me I went to Kevin again and it didn't take much till he started in getting hard again but this time I got him in me before he was good and hard and felt him growing bit by bit inside of me. I was facing him and he began to play with my nipples making them so hard and out of the blue he began to kiss my b****** and sucking on my nipples it wasn't long till he began to kiss my lips holding mine against his, his toung invading my mouth it seemed as if it was trying to get into my stomach it seemed like he was going that deep into me Oh god all of a sudden in one motion he slipped out of my ass and he shoved himself right into my super wet p**** and he began to f*** me like a wild man harder and harder deeper with every stroke then it happened he started filling my p**** with his c** squirt after squirt till it was flowing from my puss with every new squirt

  • Soo a 40s nh pta mom in very proper Dr. husband has no idea I do stuff just like this..whenever I can!its better known amoung my therapy co workers though:)

  • Http://

    First half :-)

  • Wow...this was such an amazing hot story, i hope you go back for more and let us know about it

  • Sorry, meant to post in s** catagory. X

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