My Tongue Gives More Pleasure Than My P****

I am a black guy, close to 50 and have been luck to sleep with 98 women-different races, nationalities, marital statuses, my 3 ex wives included.

Over the years, the p**** slows down with age, and mine has but still works. Nevertheless, I can tell that I do not quite have the stamina I did in my 20s, 30s, or even early 40s.Early this year, I slept with two women in their 20s and pleasured them well. A 27-year-old woman told me later that she normally does not get to O during s** but I got her there. That boosted my ego.

My current gf is in her 50s.She loves anything to do with my black p**** and me. She practically worships it and talks about it lots, in relation to her pussie. It makes me feel good. She enjoys intercourse, but over the last two years, I have discovered that she loves oral most. She lets me suck her pussie by sitting on my face, 69, or while on her back. Whenever she gets on her back and I put my lips on her, she starts to explode right away and it never stops for long time. Since I have slowed down, I try to give her lots of Os orally. Last week one time, she counted 14 big ones with lots of squirting, very messy but lovely.

Later that week, I was concerned about my performance a little bit and told her. She text me back stating, "Ur d*** worked great last night so no worries. We always have a spicy time together:) U make me c** so much & it feels awesome...” In another message, she said "Ohhh glad to hear u want to keep sucking n f****** my white p**** by the way”. I am sure she craves my tongue more than my p**** and I love it anyway.

Dec 19, 2014

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  • 50 and only 98 women? I just turned 27 lost count at over 1000. You nignogs think too much of yourselves.

  • Just because you sleep with a lot of people doesn't make you a good lover. Maybe you're the nignog.

  • Whats a nignog?

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