I want to watch my best friend f*** my girlfriend

I want to watch my girlfriend get f***** like a s***. I want another guy to pleasure her better than I could. I want her to take a big d*** and love it. I know my best friend has a much bigger d*** than me and I fantasize almost everyday about watching her please it the way she does mine. Watching her talk dirty to him and tell him how she loves. I wanna her moaning as he pounds and makes her c** all over his d***. And I want her to make his big d*** c** swallow all of it.

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  • Nothing wrong with wanting to watch your wife get pounded by a big c***! My wife and I did it for years. I watched her take on most of my friends and several strangers! if it don't work out with you first choice-don't give up! make it happen! also, you might want to consider the fact that it's most likely that it's YOU that wants to get pounded by your friend!

  • ITS not as much fun as you might think. Especially if he gives her a good ride. you will never be comfortable with them around each other after. Trust that from someone who has been there. Friend told me his wife wanted to try me. he wanted to watch.
    I finally agreed and did what they ask. he had told her how big it was, she wanted to feel it in her.
    I filled her up and ride her for a long time, finally she started to cry from the o*****. he ask us to stop and she got upset. She was not finish, told they were tears of pleasure, not pain.
    Had her a few more times before there were problems between them. She ask me to move in when he left. I refused. I came over for s** a few times. she did not want me to leave. She waited about a year before moving on, he blamed me for ending his marriage and she blamed me for not taking her over as she loved me.

  • Talk him into seducing her and hide in the closet/under the bed.

  • Let me tell you that if he fuc@$ her he will own her p****. I have a large c@@k and my wife's friend is always taking it says her husband isn't big enough for her anymore. Be careful what you ask for.

  • Talk to her about playing with others,she might like the idea.

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