Lonely depressex

I live in a pretty much sexless mariage. I earn most of the money but my wife also has a job. She is always to f****** busy to go out and too tired for s**. She does all the house work and cooking. If i do it she finds other stuff to do and is still too busy and tired. I want a lover. Im happy to cook and clean and mow the lawn but i want love

Dec 25, 2014

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  • I would so be your p**** slave

  • If she is too busy for s**,u need a lover for sure.You only live once so don't waste any more time. But make sure you explain to her in greater details what needs you have,what needs to change or get done and what your contemplated remedy is.Its a situation like yours that makes polygamy such an essential thing in other cultures-gives every wife a chance to excel doing what she does best. If you had two wives,sounds like your wife would be a wonderful domestic keeper while another wife may be awesome at s******* your brains out. Its overwhelming for one wife to carry out all the duties a wife is expected to fulfill in a day or lifetime.

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