Only gay for him

I am a 40 year old man. Married with kids, not rich, but have a nice life and many friends.
A few years back through mutual friends I met this guy. He was about 6'2 larger build guy. I just started normal conversation, just about weather, sports, and stuff like that. After that I would run into him at random places, like gas station, or at a bar for happy hour after work..
So one time he brought up his wife and lack of blow jobs. I didn't think much about it, just went along and laughed it off. After a few more run ins, we exchanged numbers.
Well thru are conversations, I told him I was good at hooking up home theater and sound systems, so he called and asked if I could come over, cause he got a new tv, and wanted it hooked up to a surround sound.
After I was done, I was on the floor organizing the wires so they look nice. I knew he was standing over me, I just figured he was watching. Was I turned around to get up, he had his c*** sticking out of his pants! He said he could tell since we first met, he could get me to suck his c*** and told me to suck it right now. I was shocked that I instantly noticed it was a nice 7-8 inch uncut c***. Before I knew it he had his hands on my head and I was trying to get all that c*** in my mouth! There was no way I could! So I was sucking his head and licking it down to his b****! I loved it!! When he told me he was gonna c**, I put my mouth on his c***, and felt streams of c** filling up my mouth! I swallowed it all!
So for about a year we would meet and all it was about, was me sucking his c***. Now he moved about 6 hours away. Maybe once or twice a year he is in the area visiting friends or passing through for his work. He always lets me know, so I can give him a b******!
He is the only guy I have ever been with, probably only guy I will be wirh. I know I do love sucking his c*** and swallowing his c**!

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  • This is one of my fantasies. In mine he pulls out from my mouth and shoots all over my face.

  • This is one of my fantasies.

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