Had s** with my best friend

I had s** with my best friend I have known since I was 7. I am a guy and consider myself straight but one night after cadets (ACF in the UK) I decided O was going to stay at his. We just talked about crap and watched TV then went to sleep. Half way through the night I felt my d*** being played with and when I looked down my friend was jacking me off. I didn't say anything cos it felt good and then he sucked me off. Then he lived up his ass and sar on my d*** and I came in his ass. It did feel good but now I'm scared to go back to cadets, what if he thinks I want to keep this going? I honestly don't know what to do. Yeah it felt great but I still want to have a girlfriend and get married one day and possibly have children.

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  • If you enjoyed it, you can still continue doing what feels good with him until you find a girlfriend. People experiment all the time and still turn out straight with opposite s** spouses and children. Just make sure he realizes you're just experimenting and unsure if it will continue.

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