I sometimes m********* to cartoon p***-

I sometimes m********* to cartoon p***- like family guy or futurama p***. I m********* to random stuff all the time. It makes me feel weird, especially when I am with my friends- I feel like a freak. I wish I was normal sometimes. I keep on doing it though.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I want to have s** with gwen tennyson and cheetara and willy the cat from thundercats

  • It's alright to j*** it to cartoons. The Japanese do it every day.

  • ^ftw

  • i want to have s** with bulma from dragonball z for some reason

  • To the comment #7: If you look carefully at old Disney movies, there are many hidden references to s**/drugs. In Little Mermaid the priest (who marries them in the end), has a HUGE hardon. In Sleeping Beauty, you can see pot leaves in the forest as Prince Charming is riding through it. In Aladdin, he whispers in Jasmine's ear something abotu getting naked! This is toatlly real, watch them if you don't believe me!

  • People are turned on by different things. You're normal. Don't worry about it.

  • There is a reason there is cartoon p***. But your attraction could be as simple as.. You grew up with these cartoon 'friends' during a non-sexual part of your life. Now that you have matured and have developed sexually, it doesn't seem odd that your 'friends' grew up with you.

    Also, I think artists drawing 'toon-p*** can pull it off so well. Some is horrible, but some is so more erotic than some regular artist rendering p***. Its about the artists skill. If a cartoonist is hungry enough (broke). They'll draw anything.

  • There were at least a couple of animators who worked for Walt Disney back in the '40's who drew adult-themed cartoons when not doing Disney stuff. They're actually really well known.


  • Your are just plain WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD........

  • I m********* to cartoon p*** to i think is fine as along as its not twisted like sonic of the sega games have s** with misty from pokemon or as long as there are no tenticles

  • Lots of people like cartoon p***, why do you think they make it? Looks like you aren't the only "freak" out there.

  • read again.

  • You m********* to cartoon p*** when you are with your friends? That IS weird.

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