Revenge l*** and cheating

When I found out my wife was in an ogoing affair I confided in an old girlfriend, a woman who was my girlfriend long before I got married. She invited me over for coffee at her house one day when her husband was at work and her kids in school. When I was ready to leave I asked her if she would consider having an affair with me. She said she'd think about it. I wanted revenge and I wanted to have s** with my old girlfriend anyway, she was great in bed. I figured if I didn't ask her I'd never have the chance to love her again. A week went by, I didn't contact her but she called me. She said she'd have s** with me if I used a condom. I agreed I did not want to miss this opportunity for anything in the world. We wound up having an affair for 5 years. It lasted until my wife left me and I don't know why. I miss her, my once best friend and definitly the best lover I ever had, I want her to come back for s** everyday.I ask her every now and then but she denies me and it makes me sad.One day she came over and wanted s** but I had people at my house and had to turn her down. She wasn't happy she said "I'm h****" I said come back later or tomorrow and she didn't. She seems to have lot's of excuses why she can't. Why can't she tell me the truth, I think she lost the attraction and the desire to cheat even though her husband cheated and hadn't had s** with her in 10 years when we started our affair. Maybe she found someone else, is it Rob? Well something went wrong, all I wanted was to love you when time permitted. I never told a soal about our affair, nobody knew unless she said anything. There were suspicions from her daughter and my wife who saw us together, but nobody had any proof . T if you happen to see this I want you I miss you and I'm always going to love you, please come back.I know you can't leave but we can play again and I do not care if I'm in a relationship I still want your hot passion and love I'm going to want you til the day I die. I miss trimming your pubic hair, your sweet kisses and beautiful amazing small sagging b******, they are so sweet I miss them too.Please come back, you should be able to figure out who this is. I'm still going to ask every now and then, I know you loved s**.

Jan 1, 2015

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