Oh Crap.

I went to a new years house party at my friends.My bf wasn't there so I got a bit drunk and danced with a guy.After most people left we went to one of the bedrooms and started fooling around,mostly kissing nothing else.We went and had a few more drinks and that's where my memory got a bit patchy.
I remember going back upstairs with this guy and making out and then ending up on the bed but I don't remember much else.I woke up in the dark and someone was sleeping next to me.I thought nothing of it and fell back asleep.
Then when I woke up when it was light I realized I was naked from the waist down,all I had on was my t shirt,no bra.So I'm pretty sure I had drunken s** with that guy.I got dressed and went home.While having a shower I cleaned myself and was also pretty sure that there was sperm in me.Now I'm totally worried and don't want my bf to find out but also think I should tell him.

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  • Don't sweat it. Things happen. If you love your bf keep it your little New Years secret.

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