F****** my uncle

I'm a 17 year old girl with a perfect reputation. Everyone thinks I'm this perfect young girl who's never done anything wrong. But I have one confession that would absolutely destroy my reputation.. I'm f****** my uncle.
My aunts husband married into the family when I was 14, and we've been having s** since then. He's 28 and incredibly good looking with an amazing body and massive d***, I feel so bad for him because he's stuck f****** my fat bitchy aunt. So I give him a little TLC on the side. I chill with him and my older cousins, we usually smoke and all pass out in the same room.
I wake up from a dead sleep getting kissed down my neck and my c*** being rubbed. This has become a routine, and my moans signify to him that I'm awake. He moves down and starts sucking my t*** and slides a single finger inside my tight p****. He makes me beg and beg for more.. Then he finally kisses all the way down until he reaches my p****. I know this turns him on, because now, he turns into an animal. There's absolutely no stopping him. He slurps, bites and finger f**** me until I squirt all over his face. He spits on my p****.
Next thing I know I'm being thrown onto the top of the bed, where he forces my legs over his shoulder plowing his 7 inch c*** into my tight p**** without any remorse to how much pain I'm in.. But I f****** love it. He thrusts so hard the whole bed shakes and my petite body slams against the wall, making bruises on my hips where he holds me. His c*** slams against my gspot and I scream begging him to slow down.. But he just calls me a little s***. If my body wiggles underneath his too much from c******, he slaps me across the face and just f**** me harder. Once I squirt again, I'm thrown to the edge of my bed on to my side.
He grabs ahold of my long hair forcing me to arch my back and shoves his thick c*** into me again. He f**** me so hard that sometimes his thrust send me flying off the bed lol. If I try to ride him like this he slaps my ass and f**** me even harder. After every time we f*** I have bruises all over my ass. So I squirt, he knows this because he's rubbing my c*** the whole time. I squirt on his hand and he makes me taste it.
I'm weak by now and this is where he starts asking me questions, yelling at me. My favorite is when he says I wouldn't have to go through this if I wasn't so f****** hot. All I can do is beg for more. He shoves my face into the pillow and puts my ass in the air, he f**** me so hard that I can feel his b**** slapping against my ass. I c**, obviously, and he picks me up and sets me on his c***. I love this part, he picks me up and sets me down on his long c***, we always f*** raw mostly because I have no other choice so he throws me off right before he c***. He shoves his c*** all the way into my mouth and throat f**** me until he c***. Sometimes he c*** on my p****, in my mouth or on my face. I always let him take pictures after.
After he makes me clean his c** up and make the bed while he go gets me some ice for my v*****, we cuddle up and talk until we fall asleep. He tells me I'm the only reason he sticks around. In the morning I sneak out and we don't even talk to each other around any other family.. I love being little s*** behind closed doors. Lol, love you uncle.

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  • You wrote this "confession" like a p***.

    Never happened.

  • What is it with uncles anyway.
    I just turned 16 and last week end my uncle got my cherry, I'm still sore and still bleeding but I can't help myself I think about his c*** all the time, I am in a constant state of arousal and my p**** is wet just waiting for him to come later today.

    He's 32 married three kids and his wife is no longer f****** him.

    How it all started was he walked in on me as I was getting out of the shower and I froze before him. I couldn't move and he came to me started in kissing me and before long I was kissing him back and he began to arouse me and we f***** right there in the bath room on the vanity counter. No he didn't rape me for he was super gentile and took his time, I thought I was home alone and didn't hear unk come in, he f***** me four times that day and I'm waiting for him to get here today for it's Saturday and I am home alone again

  • You are either an old dude or a deliciously h**** little s***. I hope you are the latter.

  • What a lucky uncle

  • You write well for a 17 year old!

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