Confessions of a labourer

actually not involving me, just lads story told to me while on the job once

mix race fella who had a nick name in relation to his long wood, but oddly we never knew him by that name so bit of a self confessed ego guy.

So he tells me background, many yrs ago, on a job in a semi (that's a house by the way) in the garden, 3 of em working on the job, he is bit flirty with the missus of the house.

sharing this tale over a ciggie he continues

chats to this missus in her kitchen, and makes her a bit of an offer. reaction was wide eyes, and a frown, and half a smile and a frown, and a naughty boy ** waggle. he concludes, she is gagging for it. roll on the week bit more flirting. meets her again this time in the dining room, she says, i see you more in my house than out in garden where the job is, then laughs. he stands in front of her bit of eye locking, and then that pause, and the look.

and iam listening to this story thinking, 'that pause' and 'the look' what is this guy on... any way he continues,

he gets abit closer and she starts looking back over her shoulder at the door, so he says don't worry they gone down chippy.

then he pauses at the juicy part and gives me advice which i obviously never taken, and says, house wives, they all bored and all want it, u just gotta push the buttons and take it, they wont say no, but they wont make first move either.

i said right..and then...he continues..

he said i just undid my belt, pull down zipper and she was dead silent just looking down at my pole.

The best bit he claims, adding her hubby was a **, who moaned allot every morning either by waiting for us to arrive and be late for work or via her.

i said, ** eck. sounds like prno, he said u gotta take it.

and then he continues..

she looks more at the door, and that's when u gotta do the deed,

So I said, catching up, u where standing in front of this woman with your trousers down.

he nods and then says.

moved into her personal space, the solid table behind her was the pin. if your a good boy you don't get the goodies, you gotta be a rude boy with these house wives

do people get away with it like this im thinking, most memorable story i was ever told put it that way..

he said he had his hand up her skirt for a while with nothing verbally being shared. just a bit of silence, sounded quite an odd embrace, which he explained as stepping outside the comfort zone,

he finished her on her own bed. she went into the prayer position while he stoked the fire,

he said she spent the next hour in the bath while he went back to work

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I lose respect for a person's intellect if they profess religio

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  • Nah,she was just ** by an English

  • I think it can happen. If I were her in that position it would probably work on me. But you have to be able to read her signs to be sure that she's into it before you make any moves because making moves on the wrong person could be REALLY bad.

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