Finger her

I was 22 when a girl in a party came up to me and asked me if I liked flashing my panties at her boyfriend. After that I felt like her girlfriends were giving bad looks all night. I decide to leave because I was alone and scared they were going to attack me. Couldn't even make it half way towards the door, when she lifted my skirt and told everyone if the wanted to see my p****. "Show it off" she said as her girlfriends rushed over, ripped off my panties in the middle of the dance floor. Ended up getting stripped naked in a back room and orally raped by a bunch of guys. Walked out 15 minutes latter totally shocked of what had just happed. I hardly knew anyone in that party and felt so humiliated, I never did anything about it.

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  • That is terrible. No human should be treated like that. My best friend was raped... anally. And I it was when she was at band camp. I was not with her that day... I was at home. I can't stop thinking that if only I could have been there to help, I could have done something. It eats at me sometimes, and now shes an enemy of a lot of people who thinks she just wants attention. Even the band directors humiliated her by telling her crap like "Those lies are just for attention," and even some people believe the fact that there was intercourse, but the boys who had taken part in it said she had played them. Now my friend has clinical depression.

  • Tell the police if this story is true.

  • What they did were wrong. No way ever, such act could ever be accepted or an okay thing to do to any human being. I wish those involved would be hit by karma.

  • What they did were wrong. No way in h*** such act could ever be accepted.

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